French Ambassador Acknowledges DBillions' Contribution to French Language and Culture at Kyrgyzstan Office Visit

French Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic, Fran├žois Delahousse, made an official visit to the office of DBillions, a leading digital media company in Kyrgyzstan. During his visit, the Ambassador met with CEO Ernist Umetaliev, who shared the achievements and successes of DBillions on the YouTube platform.

The French-speaking channel of the musical project DBillions has exceeded over 100 million views, highlighting its popularity and cultural influence. Ambassador Delahousse praised the creative team at DBillions for their outstanding contributions to the development and promotion of the French language and culture around the world.

The visit of Ambassador Delahousse underscores the growing importance of cultural exchange and collaboration between France and Kyrgyzstan, as well as the crucial role that innovative digital media companies like DBillions play in promoting language and cultural diversity. The French Embassy in Kyrgyzstan commends DBillions for its significant contributions to the promotion of the French language and culture, and looks forward to continued collaboration and partnership in the future.